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ATOMTM micro-grating system
  • ATOMTM micro-grating system

ATOMTM micro-grating system

ATOM是全球首款拥有光学滤波系统的微型光栅,具有优异的抗污能力、信号稳定性和可靠性,包括直线光栅和圆光栅两种。    ATOM具有的诸多高级功能可进一步确保信号的稳定性,其中包括自动增益控制和自动偏置控制功能, ATOM还配备了可靠性极高的IRED光源,非常适用于对质量和可靠性要求极高的应用场合。微型读数头提供2种线缆:高柔性线缆或柔性印刷电路 (FPC) 排线。 FPC版本可缩减整体封装尺寸,减少Z轴高度,令线缆布线更加容易。    ATOM提供一系列直线光栅和圆光栅的高精度栅尺,包括传统的玻璃栅尺
Product description:

ATOM is the world's first micro-grating with an optical filtering system that provides excellent stain resistance, signal stability and reliability, including both linear and circular gratings.

ATOM's advanced features further ensure signal stability, including automatic gain control and automatic bias control. ATOM is also equipped with an extremely reliable IRED source, making it ideal for quality and reliability. Application. • The micro readhead provides two types of cable: high-flex cable or flexible printed circuit (FPC) cable. The FPC version reduces overall package size and reduces Z-axis height, making cable routing easier.

ATOM offers a range of high precision scales for linear and circular gratings, including traditional glass scales, "unbreakable" stainless steel strip scales and glass dials. The LED mounting indicator on the readhead provides a visual indication of signal strength, making installation easier. Optical reference zero phasing and incremental signal optimization can be achieved with the touch of a button.

ATOM is suitable for a wide range of applications requiring compact space, including laser scanners, CMM articulated arms, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, ultra-small linear motors/motion platforms, small direct drive rotary (DDR) torque motors, ammeters and microscope platforms. 

ATOM — The shape of the micro, the heart.

• Micro package: 8.35 mm x 12.7 mm x 20.5 mm (FPC type: 7.3 mm x 12.7 mm x 20.5 mm)

• Built-in optical filtering system for maximum signal stability and stain resistance in its class?

• Integrated automatic gain control and automatic bias control ensure long-term performance

• Ultra-low electronic subdivision error (SDE) and jitter?

• Easy installation and diagnostics using the LED mounting indicator on the readhead

• Quickly and easily complete calibration with the push of a button.

• Autophasing optical reference zero

• Provide 2 kinds of pitches, 20 μm and 40 μm respectively

• The read head directly outputs an analog signal

• With multiple segmentation options, resolutions up to 1 nm

• Provides a range of high precision linear and circular gratings