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Product description:
Nadela is an expert in the development and production of guideways and rollers. Products are divided into heavy-duty guideways and light-duty guideways, suitable for various applications of high speed, low noise and harsh environment. Our single guideway is up to 6 meters long and can drill holes and splice according to customers'needs.
Nadra roller guides are widely used in mechanical automation, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, printers, cutting machines, etc.
Heavy load guideway
Nadra's heavy-duty rails are simple, easy to install and reasonably priced. The product can withstand large loads, is fast and can work in harsh environments. Typical examples include the foundry industry, steel processing equipment, metal stacking operations systems, automated warehouse logistics systems, and material hoists. Heavy-duty rails include GU, FS, FSH, and GP. These guide rails are made of cold-drawn and quenched bearing steel. Finally, surface blasting or fine grinding can be selected. The rollers in the Nadella roller have three kinds of balls, needles and rollers, which correspond to different price points and load capacities. At the same time, we have a Rolbloc series slider, which is used in combination with the trapezoidal guide rail GU. It is composed of a diamond-shaped slider and a plurality of pairs of round outer ring rollers. The rollers on both sides are axially mounted perpendicularly to each other. The Rolbloc slider is a purely rolling motion and can be combined with a trapezoidal GU rail to provide an excellent guiding system. This design makes the product suitable for heavy-duty, high-speed, low-noise requirements. Rolbloc sliders are especially suitable for applications with high loads and high accelerations, such as foundry and various heavy industrial applications.。
Light guide rail
The light-duty series of guide rails consist of an aluminum frame and a hardened steel shaft that slides along the steel shaft pressed into the aluminum frame. This combination of two materials provides different advantages: the aluminum alloy itself is lightweight, the steel shaft is hardened and the surface finish is complete. These rails are suitable for medium or light loads in harsh environments such as wood chips and shavings. Guide rails with different cross-sections are suitable for a variety of applications: DC: two shafts are parallel to each other on both sides of the aluminum profile; C: only one shaft for large spacing requirements; FWS: two shafts with complete and compact profiles Combination: FWS: single steel shaft and profile combination; LM: profile combined with two shafts, section C; FWN: combination of two steel shafts and profiles, can be interchanged according to DIN645. The slider is a combination of hardened gothic rollers, lubrication blocks, protective covers and seals.
Main advantages
• Ring guideway is based on V-type series guideway (F S guideway). The guideway is grinded with long service life and high precision.
• Sector, ellipse, square
• A larger radius is available
• Coating can be provided as required.
Nadela has developed a number of circular guideways based on the V-type guideway series. It can provide elliptical or square guideways of whole circle, sector and splice. 纳德拉是研发生产导轨和滚轮的专家。产品分为重载导轨和轻载导轨,适合各种高速低噪音以及环境恶劣的应用。我们的导轨单根最长6米,能够根据客户需求钻孔以及拼接。

• 环形导轨基于V型系列导轨(FS导轨),导轨精磨,寿命长,精度高
• 扇形,椭圆形,正方形
• 可提供更大半径
• 可依据要求提供镀层