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RESOLUTETM absolute grating
  • RESOLUTETM absolute grating

RESOLUTETM absolute grating

Product description:

RESOLUTE is a new true absolute grating system with fine pitch and excellent anti-fouling ability. Its extraordinary technical index is a new breakthrough in the field of position feedback.

RESOLUTE's patented technology uses high-precision linear steel strips and steel scales or round gratings to achieve 1 nm resolution at ultra-high speeds of 100 m/s (36 000 rev/min).

RESOLUTE features an original 30 μm pitch single-channel absolute optical scale (the world's first equivalent) and precision optics. This ensures loose mounting tolerances, ultra-low electronic subdivision error (SDE) of ±40 nm, and ultra-low noise (jitter) of less than 10 nm RMS for more stable speed control performance and superior positional stability.

RESOLUTE's superior dirt resistance, built-in independent position verification algorithm and IP64 sealed readhead (a cleansing as soon as possible) ensure reliability.

• True absolute non-contact grating system: no battery required

• Easy installation tolerances make installation quick and easy

• Strong anti-fouling ability to resist dust, scratches and light oil stains

• Resolution options: linear grating 1 nm or 50 nm; circular grating 23 or 27 bits

• Maximum speed of 100 m/s (36,000 rpm) at various resolutions

• 30 μm nominal pitch ensures excellent motion control performance

• ±40 nm electronic subdivision error for stable speed control

• RMS jitter below 10 nm for improved position control stability

• Built-in independent position verification algorithm guarantees safety

• The readhead is sealed to IP64 and ensures high reliability in harsh environments

• Integrated LED mounting indicator simplifies the installation process and provides quick diagnostics

• Bolt holes on the readhead and linear scale/circular grating, compatible with SiGNUM gratings

• Operating temperature up to 80 °C

• Built-in over temperature alarm

• A variety of serial protocols are available. For a list of the latest agreements, please contact your local representative for compatibility with the following products:

• RELA low expansion, high stability linear scale

• RSLA stainless steel linear scale

• RTLA and FASTRACK rails

• RTLA-S self-adhesive steel tape scale

• RESA circular grating

• Ultra high precision